Manoj Tiwari Bhojpuri Actor and Singer

Manoj Tiwari also known by the name Mridul is one of the most famous Bhojpuri singer and actor. Apart from being a singer Manoj Tiwari is also a Television presenter and music director and have directed various songs famous among Bhojpuri songs fan and enthusiasts. He was also one of the two most leading male stars of Bhojpuri film industry in the year 2005. Manoj spent around 10 years as a singer prior to working in the movies as an actor.

Manoj Tiwari Bhojpuri Movies

Mridul aka Manoj Tiwari has done more than 40 movies and is a megastar of Bhojpuri film industry. His very first film that he did back in 2004 was "Sasura Bada Paise Wala" opposite the actress Rani Chatterjeewhich was an instant hit and the actor gained fame and new heights. After that he got flooded with film contracts and has done various films since then.

Apart from being an actor he has also appeared in various TV shows like Bigg Boss. Manoj Tiwari has also been the host of various shows like Nehle Pe Dehla and Bharat ki Shaan. He has also appeared in Bollywood movies and his first films was Deshdrohi that came out in 2008. His most latest Bhojpuri film was Yadav Ji Pan Wale and more of his movies are coming in 2017. He has worked with all the top actresses of Bhojpuri films like Antara Biswas, Anjana Singh

Manoj Tiwari Bhojpuri Songs 2017

Manoj Tiwari is an amazing singer and has hundreds of Bhojpuri songs/sangeet released under his voice. Before making his career as an actor he was a singer for 10 years with some of his albums being a hit. Manoj Tiwari's most famous song is from the Bollywood film "Gangs of Wasseypur" and the song is titled "Jiya Tu Bihar ke Lala". His mp3 and video songs are both enjoyed by his fans.

On our website, you will find some of the biggest hits of the Manoj Tiwari from the Bhojpuri gane along with their videos. You can listen and enjoy the songs in mp3 and video formats. We have all the collection of the singer including the latest from 2015, 2016 and will keep bringing you the latest and amazing hit video songs of Manoj Tiwari from 2017.


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