Garav Me Jadi Bhojpuri Song

Watch Garav Me Jadi Bhojpuri Song and Download mp3, mp4 or the HD versions of the Garav Me Jadi Bhojpuri Song song. The Bhojpuri song, being described as on the popular video social media platform YouTube has been posted there by BhojpuriTadka.
Garav Me Jadi Bhojpuri Song

Garav Me Jadi is  famous Bhojpuri song whose singer is Kallu and Nisha. The song is based on the play which shows the married lady who is pregnant and the child stages are shown in the video. Ths song is very popular and help in creating awareness among parents. The girl is shown crying for love from his parents as she is standing beside the bed where is parents are sleeping. She is calling her father and shown very sad and lonely. The song is very famous and we hope that you will enjoy the song.
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Published On: 10-07-2016
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