KaJRa MoHaBaT Bhojpuri Holi songs 2015 new Kajal Anokha

Watch KaJRa MoHaBaT Bhojpuri Holi songs 2015 new Kajal Anokha and Download mp3, mp4 or the HD versions of the KaJRa MoHaBaT Bhojpuri Holi songs 2015 new Kajal Anokha song. The Bhojpuri song, being described as on the popular video social media platform YouTube has been posted there by Bhojpuri Hits 4U.
KaJRa MoHaBaT Bhojpuri Holi songs 2015 n

KaJRa MoHaBaT Bhojpuri Holi song performed by young talented singer Kajal Anokha. Kajal is famous for her versatile singing in Bhojpuri songs. This is one of the best Bhojpuri Holi songs. Villagers of Bihar enjoy this kind of song during Holi festival. Medley is prepared by the various musical instruments like dholak, taal, and manji RA. Star vocalist Kajal Anokha also enjoyed this song with funny dancers. Holi songs are best with the dancing and dholak tunes. Funny comments passed by the drummers and other members of the band that enhances the beauty of the song. This video song is based on the naughty conversation among Bihar youngsters.
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Published On: 14-07-2016
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